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If you’re looking for the best SEO company in London, then congratulations you’ve found it (Yes – We’re confident in our ability).  We’re here to provide your business with more traffic, leads, and ultimately customers. As a London SEO agency, we know the market is extremely competitive and your business needs a clear competitive edge to succeed. Search engine optimisation services allow your business to be seen before the competition – customers will find you before they find the other companies in your niche. This represents a huge advantage, failing to be visible can be life or death for a business – after all, customers are the lifeblood of every business.

What is SEO?

SEO is a fantastic tool to help drive sales. Why is it so fantastic? Well, with traditional marketing you’re advertising to a bunch of people that aren’t targeted, and you just have to hope that they need what you are marketing. With search engine optimisation, you are simply making yourself more visible to those people that are actually looking to buy something – this is what’s referred to as inbound marketing, and it’s great for your business.

The people that find your website listed at the top of search engines (don’t worry, we’ll get you there) are looking for exactly what you’re selling and have full intention to purchase. In term of sales, they are referred to as ‘hot’ leads, that you can quickly and easily convert to a sale – boosting your businesses revenues. If you want to compete with bigger firms in attracting customers, SEO can help you reach a who new level of competitiveness.

Check out this YT video that helps explain how search engines work and rank pages:

Being easily found in the organic search engine results can create a huge new stream of revenue. Many firms are missing out on this huge opportunity. If you go to Google and search for the product or service you provide, what do you see? Is it your business at the top of the page? Is it your business that will be found first? Probably not.

Now, look at the websites at the top of the first page – those are the ones that are first in line to serve those hungry customers who are ready to spend money on what your offer. It’s the websites at the top of the page that will capitalise on the opportunity. So you’d better make sure you’re are doing everything to get your website at the top of the search results – contacting us, the #1 SEO agency in London, would be the best first step. Most websites aren’t ever found by the target audience; dont make that mistake!

Need London SEO?

If you’re looking the best SEO Company in London, look no further. Fill in the form to the right and we will be in touch. You can expect a free consultation call, in which I will seek to get a good understanding of your business, and I’ll be able to explain how much value that an expert London SEO agency can add. Specifically in the context of your business, I’ll explain the potential added value and look at how your future revenue might look with an expert SEO company pushing the business forward.


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  • 100% white-hat techniques

  • Fully tailored strategy

  • ROI focused

  • Complete report every month

  • More effective than PPC

  • Month-to-month contracts

Sick of watching competing businesses grow faster than yours? 

Then be more visible to your customers!

SEO is the number 1 method to become more visible to the people that want to buy from your business.

Why Choose Ollie Hill SEO?

For SEO services in London, you should choose a company that creates a completely tailored strategy for each client. Taking time to understand each company we work with allows us to create an unbeatable return on your investment in SEO. If you supply a certain service or product that generates a great deal of profit, we focus on researching keywords that allow us to drive the relevant traffic to your website. Designing a quality keyword strategy is something that a top SEO company can do to attract specific target groups of customers.

Powerful online marketing strategies

Ollie Hill SEO services are completely 100% white-hat techniques that are not only safe and long-lasting, but extremely powerful. More than just a boost in search engine rankings, we establish your business as an authority in the industry – meaning search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will trust your web pages, creating a huge amount of rankings across a huge amount of keywords. Each month you will get a report showing link building activities that have taken place, along with a rankings report and web traffic analysis. If you’d like, a consultant can go through each report, ensuring you see all the hard work that goes into the campaign. Sound good? Great. Contact us today for search engine optimisation in London.

How Do We Perform the Best SEO in London? What’s Our Process?

  1. Full technical audit – This is where our years of technical SEO consulting skills come into play. Our talented consultants will find any and every issue that affects the site.
  2. Research – Involving in-depth keyword research, search engine results page analysis, competitor analysis, and link opportunity analysis. Furthermore, we ask you enough questions, so that we can get enough information about your business, allowing us to allocate our efforts in a way that will get the biggest return for your business. This is the most crucial step.
  3. Creation of strategy – time to decide how we’re going to dominate the rankings. The strategy will be the fastest way to get you the best results.
  4. Content – creation of linkable assets with our great SEO copywriting team, we also often create infographics for clients.
  5. Links, links, links – The continual process of building high-quality links to your web pages. This is something we’re experts at. Links are like the nitrous for a website’s rankings. To compete with others in such a city as London, you need to have an edge to overcome your competitors.

Does Your Business Need More Customers?

Our strategy will help you dominate the rankings and beat your competition.

We work with all types of customers in London:

National campaigns? Sure!

Regional campaigns? Absolutely

Local campaigns? Yes, no problem

Eccommerce? Certainly

Whatever type of business – our SEO Services in London can help. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation for your company. There are so many businesses in the UK leaving a huge quantity of money “on the table”, by neglecting organic web traffic. Organic search engine traffic capitalises on those people that are looking to buy what you’re selling. To get in front of these customers that are ready to spend is the ideal situation for any company. The goal of an SEO agency is to get the clients business above the competition. We’re passionate about delivering excellence and making your marketing expenditure efficient.

10X Your Business With Traffic From Google

Transform your website into a money-generating asset for your business

The rate of growth for your business is largely determined by your ability to acquire fresh customers. At Ollie Hill SEO, the goal is to make your company website a heavy-hitting asset. By using our services, your website will become an effective tool at generating leads for your business. No matter what product or service you’re selling, you need to be found online. Let us put your business right in front of customers that are actively searching for what you’re selling. Each month you work with us, your website will grow stronger and stronger – becoming an increasingly formidable asset. Right now, there are so many firms that invest in having a beautiful and expensive website designed for them, only for no potential customers to find it – what a waste! However, by optimising the site to be found in search engines, the website will actually serve its intended purpose – to get more customers!