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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Put simply, our purpose is to help your business with getting more customers by making your website easier to find. We are industry experts who can drive new customers to your business and allow your company to reach its potential. As an SEO agency in Bristol we love working closely with local companies, however, also consult and offer services for clients further afield. For SEO in Bristol, don’t look any further – contact us today.

All clients have SEO services personalised specifically for them.

To make your businesses website rank higher in Google it must be optimised for Google. This means when a potential customer searches for your service you will be the first, or close to the first,  person that they see.

When people search for a service on a search engine, they already have the intention to purchase something. The company that wins their business are the ones that are easy to find. That’s what we do. The goal is to help you get found by clients that are looking to actually purchase something. Unlike offline marketing – think flyers, publication ads, billboards, etc. – you are not simply spending copious amounts of money to advertise to people that have no need for what you offer, or are too well trained to avoid adverts that it has no impact. With a well-ranked website, you will capture warm leads, and not be stuck trying to convert cold leads or disinterested people. This is why a great Bristol SEO campaign is a fundamental aspect of any serious marketing plan.

Grow your business by targeting the exact customers you want

By focusing on those people that have an intention to buy what you’re offering, you will save your business a small fortune in advertising. More importantly, you will convert more leads to actual sales. This is because any leads gathered via search engines are ‘warm’ already – they will already want to buy what you’re selling. The priority is making it easy for those that want your services to find you. It’s the essence of marketing. Internet marketing in Bristol is competitive, but we’re ready to help you rise to the challenge.

If that’s too boring to read here’s a quick YouTube video explaining a rough outline (not made by me, but it’s good):

We also manage PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns, where our team can help ensure you spend your online marketing budget in the most efficient way to get the highest ROI possible. The great thing about a correctly done PPC campaign is that it can be created quickly, and switched on and off to reflect the level of demand your business is experiencing.

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Did you read through that? Good. Most people aren’t too sure about what SEO really means. We aim to simplify it and bring real results that are reflected in your bottom line. In the meantime, fill in the contact form for any inquiries. We are Bristol-based and love helping local companies thrive.

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At Ollie Hill SEO, the mission is to provide world-class SEO services at the best price possible, to help businesses grow. Running a business in Bristol is getting increasingly competitive and to succeed, companies need to have an edge. Many incumbent firms neglect the importance and underestimate the amount of money being left on the table by not using search engine optimisation. There are no other more cost-effective forms of long-term customer acquisition than helping people find you online. If people cannot find you online, then to a large proportion of the market, your business doesn’t exist. Of course, we can fix that.

But why choose Ollie Hill SEO? Well, we are the SEO agency to the SEO agencies. We do a great deal of work providing link building services to other SEO’ers. We do the heavy lifting for other digital marketing companies. As such, we’ve gotten good at link building (we think we’re the best out there!). Our expertise in the industry runs deep and we care about being the best. Furthermore, because all of our work is done in-house (nothing is outsourced), we’re able to offer the most competitive services, and we are able to maintain a high level of quality to our deliverables. Ollie Hill SEO began 5 years ago in this very city – Bristol. Now, the company proudly supplies link building and search engine optimisation to clients internationally.