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Hey, my name is Ollie Hill, I’m a Birmingham SEO expert. The number one goal of my Birmingham SEO company is to increase sales for my clients. To achieve this I use search engine optimation to ensure your site will show up as high as possible in search rankings. A high ranking website is a vital asset that can take your business to the next level, and allow you to expand and realise your business’s full potential. I am driven by results and strive to help businesses get more customers. We care about the bottom line of our clients – by taking time to understand your business, we can develop a strategy to bring you high-value clients. Every SEO client has a fully tailored approach designed to suit your specific needs.

Search traffic is great for your business as it consists of ‘hot’ leads. People who find businesses through online search are referred to as ‘hot’ leads as they are directly looking for a business to provide what they want – they are ready and willing to buy something that you offer. With this, you won’t be advertising to people who are not in your target audience. You are simply becoming more visible to those who really want what you’re offering. It’s incredibly effective marketing, that brings results. For this, we’re number 1 in SEO Birmingham.

#1 Company For SEO In Birmingham 

All of my clients will get a personalised strategy that is custom-built to create the biggest impact and provide the best results. The SEO service provided by us will take care of all of what is needed for ranking your website higher. For an SEO agency in Birmingham, look no further. Your website and business are unique, and our team will ensure our services are designed to work with your business. We will ensure your site is perfectly designed for search engine optimisation. If your website is improperly formatted, your business will lose any chance at visibility in the search engine results pages – the website will get lost in the crowd of your competitors. Birmingham SEO will sure your website is correctly coded and therefore stands the best chance of bringing you more traffic.

Make your brand more credible by being seen above your competitors when it counts – when your customers are looking for what your business does. SEO can develop credibility before a client even clicks through to your website.

As well as ranking your website for all relevant search phrases (keywords), we will make you more visible in directories and local map searches i.e. Google Maps. Comprehensive search engine optimisation is a very complex and time-consuming activity – but don’t worry, we are the experts at SEO in Birmingham, and we’re ready to help your company.

At SEO, we will only ever enter into month-to-month contracts and never tie you in. Our priority is getting you results and we stand by that. We understand that you want a return on your investment in our Birmingham SEO services. We like to look at things in monetary terms. So, we like to discover how much extra money our SEO strategies can bring to your business. Business in Birmingham is very competitive, and the level of competition is only increasing. Let SEO be your secret weapon in dominating the competition.

If you want to learn more about search engine marketing, here’s the Wiki Page: SEM

Here’s a video that describes SEO quite nicely (not made by me):

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We Love Helping Businesses in Birmingham Significantly Grow Their Revenue

Get More of The Customers You Need

Grow your business by being visible to the people that want want you're selling. Simple!

Need more customers? Obviously.

Search engine optimisation will put you ahead of your competitors so that you can be the first choice. If someone searches for something to buy, and your business is first in line to supply them, then you’ll probably going to get that sale. Using keyword research, we’ll target the searches that bring the most value (ie. MONEY!) to your business. This is how we help you explode your revenue and grow as a company.

Monthly Reporting

Full ranking and link placement reports

We are 100% transparent with our clients

Our clients receive a detailed monthly report that includes link placements, ranking positions, and traffic analysis. Many SEO agencies shy away from being so transparent – we don’t. We’re proud of the high-quality links we place, the traffic boosts we create, and the rankings we achieve.

100% White-Hat Techniques

Incredibly powerful methods AND it lasts forever, what could be better?

Incredible ranking power doesn't have to be risky.

Many other agencies use shady tactics that only yield short-term results. At Ollie Hill SEO, we will never risk damaging your website – therefore, all methods are white-hat. Our link building is extremely powerful. We are confident in our methods even in the most competitive niches. The real beauty of our methods is that because all techniques are natural and safe, results last forever. If you want your business to forever dominate the search results in Birmingham and beyond, these methods will help.

  • “Ok so if I invest in your SEO services, what type of return can I expect?”

Great question. For businesses buying services to help grow their business, what really matters is the ROI. The return depends on how much value each customer is worth to your business, if you sell a service that is high-value such as plastic surgery operations, legal services, or solar installations, where the average job value may be north of £5k, then one customer is worth a great deal. Our goal is to look at which services or products you sell, and make sure we are targeting keywords that bring you the customers that want to buy your high-value items. This is what usually separates us from our competitors – we take the time to understand your business and which aspects of your business you most want to expand. If you spend £4k a month on SEO, then you’d expect to get at least double that in return. For example, if your business can make an average of £10k in LTV (lifetime value) on new customers and after 1 year with a £4k/monthly SEO strategy you are getting just 10 new customers a month, you’ll still make £100k in value each month on a £4k investment. The goal is to look at your business and the landscape of the competition existing in the search results, and find a solution that best creates a huge ROI for you.

  • What makes SEO so cost-efficient?

With other forms of marketing, you have to almost cross your fingers and pray that your ad gets a return. Not with search engine optimisation. We go after the people are actually looking to buy something from your business. In doing so, you are targeting those that have buyers intent. They are searching for you, not the other way around, which is how most advertising works. SEO places you in the top ranking positions in the organic search results, this means that each click is free, there is no need to pay to get people looking at your website.

  • Our SEO agency goes further than other agencies.

With our full-service client SEO packages, beyond just ranking your site, we carefully look at how your website can get the most conversions. In doing so, the people that land on your site actually go ahead and buy from you, as opposed to bouncing to a competitor. We create enticing call-to-actions, and make it easy for people to want to choose your business, and get in contact. Why do all this? Well, if the website is at the top of the results but nobody wants to buy from it, then that’s pretty inefficient – we won’t let that happen.

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