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Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimisation:

People use search engines like Google when they want to purchase something. These are customers that are looking for a product or service that you may supply. Now, if you want to meet that customers needs and make a sale, you’d better hope you rank well on search engines – using search engine optimisation. This way, as soon as they make their search, your business is presented to them above your competitors. It’s the best type of online marketing!

Why aimlessly search for customers, when you can just be better connected to those who actually want to purchase your product or service?

We use the latest and greatest techniques in the field of SEO – search engine optimisation – and online marketing. Most importantly all of our techniques are completely white-hat, meaning it’s safe and the results will last. It’s the core of our business. We spend every day making sites rank higher, that’s it. Every month we will track your ranking progress and present you a report, and you will also get a report of the links we have built to your website. Check out this link to understand more: Why You Need SEO

How it works in practice:

Say you run a loft conversion business in Bristol. This is a competitive industry, where the key to success is sales. You could be the best project manager or builder, but if potential clients can’t find you then it’s meaningless. The potential customer will, in a vast majority of cases, use Google (or any other leading search engine) to begin their search. They will click on to the first page in the results. Now imagine if this was you at the top of the page. You would have first pick of all customers looking for this service. If you have an appealing website that can convert these clicks to paying customers, you will reach another level of sales. Follow this link to go back to the homepage: Ollie Hill SEO